Out and About

For Cylists and Hikers

Lots of walks and trails. Mountain climbs including Col d'Aspin, Col du Tourmalet and Col de Peyresourde.
Lovely mountain villages to visit with boutique shops including Arreau and Bagnes de Bigorre.
Tour de France which passes nearby every year.


Balnéa (near Arreau)
Bagnes de Bigorre.


Grotte Préhistorique de Gargas (near Saint Gaudens), open during the summer months.

Music Festivals

There are lots of music festivals throughout the year to look out for covering all genres of music. Two big ones are:
3-day Samba Festival (July, Monleon Magnoac)
3-week Jazz Festrival (August, Marciac).

Art Classes

Our neighbour organises art classes. If interested, please email for more information.

Massage and Indian Therapy

Locally in Sariac Magnoac. Private sessions can be arranged in your yurt.


Weekly markets selling local produce, including lots of delicious cheeses. We have a list in the 'le Grange' of which markets are on. There is at least one for each day of the week.

Vide Greniers

Very popular in France, the equivalent of the English 'Car Boot Sale', Vide Greniers are often held on Sundays. There are lots of bargains and fascinating trinkets to find.


Castelnau Magnoac, Boulogne sur Gesse, Saint Blancard, Montrejeau, Lac Payolle.

Shopping & Places of Interest

Auch, Lannemezan, Tarbes, Toulouse, Lourdes.


Lannemezan, Masseube, Montrejeau, Bagnères de Bigorre.

Adventure Parks

Parc de Loisirs de la Demi Lune (Lannemezan). Includes crazy golf, pedalos, motorised boats, mini farm and picnic area.
Parc Acrobatique 'En Chêne Et Frene' (Luz saint Sauveur).

Water Parks

Ludéo (Génos, near Arreau).


Dupont, Catelnau Magnoac, Austins, Panasac / Sports Bar Trie sur Baise.


Station de Ski Nistos (distance 1hr 15min)
Station de Ski Val Louron (distance 1hr 20min).

Flyers can be found in 'La Grange' advertising a range of activities and local events.